Resources we <3

We get asked all the time what tools, services, and programs we recommend to get the job done, so we put together this handy list of our favorite things.

Affiliate & Referral Programs

There are so many affiliate and referral programs out there, but not all of them are worth your time and effort. The ones below are those that (a) have great products and (b) generous payouts. Here’s more on how to select affiliate programs that are right for you, and here are creative ways to promote affiliates without being spammy.

  • Gixo: amazing product, generous payout (especially considering the low cost of the app)
  • Myobuddy Pro Massager: great payout rates, killer product
  • Great Lakes Gelatin: strong payout rate, price points are accessible
  • ShopStyleCollective: even though we don’t write about fashion, per se, this has been a great tool
  • Amazon: this one’s a no brainer, since there’s such a wide range of products

Graphic Design

Canva: easy to use graphic design. After a long time using the free plan, we upgraded to their business account, which includes more free templates and allows you to save brand color palettes and your logos. So far it’s been worth it!

Social Media Scheduling

This is a category that honestly we don’t think anyone has completely cracked the nut on, so we combine a whole bunch of platforms to get the job done.

  • CoscheduleA lifesaver for managing an editorial calendar and scheduling out shares. We particularly like that you can create templates (like all the social posts you’d use to share a new blog post) and apply them to each new post you write. It’s a bit cumbersome for scheduling one-off shares, though, which brings us to …
  • Hootsuite: the browser extension alone makes Hootsuite worth it. Want to quickly tweet out an article? Hootsuite has your back.
  • Autoscheduling of IG posts. Need we say more? If you’re not subscribed to their blog / email list, we highly recommend it: their content is excellent, and helps us stay abreast of the latest and greatest (or frustrating algorithm changes) at Instagram.

Email marketing

  • ConvertKit: we think this is the best choice for bloggers, with easy to use landing pages and forms, and really cool integrations with WordPress. The price point is super accessible, too.
  • MailChimp: Free up to 2,000 users, and easy to integrate with your blog.