Rest Easy | Your Sweaty Week is Already Planned

Lately I've been setting new goals for myself - small goals that will set me up for greater success in work, fitness, and overall well-being. My plan is to kill the snooze button, get in an early morning sweat session every weekday, and take one real rest day a week.

Let's chat about rest.

A real rest day - say what?! While I understand the positive impacts that rest days have on the body including muscle, joint and tendon recovery, immunity support, and for me, brain recovery, I still don't make them happen mainly because I'm having too much fun getting my sweat on with the Flex & Flow tribe.

My favorite part of FFY HIIT Yoga is that it gives me the motivation to challenge myself until my sweat is pouring and muscles are on fire. And since there are days when I can't walk after an intense HIIT Yoga session, it's also taught me that a little rest does the body good. When I take a rest day between HIIT Yoga days, I feel stronger and ready to get after it, rather than my usual muscle fatigue as of late. I realize that rest is beneficial and that it will feel good, so I'll just have to deal with my FOMO and get a sauna session on, roll out my muscles, and put my legs up the wall for a little restorative yoga.

How do you celebrate a rest day? Do you have a massage booked? Or are you soaking in the tub? Tell me your go-to rest methods!

#FFYHIITYoga Challenge | Week 3

While I chill out today, I can't help but think about the sweaty fun we're about to have during week 3 of the #FFYHIITYoga Challenge. Y'all rocked the first half of this challenge and we've got even more sweaty fun in store for you. This week is all about the core and arms and trust me, you and your sweat are going to fly! Here's a little sneak peak of the sequence we'll be rocking this week:

Do the body good today and rest easy knowing you've got a very sweaty and challenging workout all ready for your week.

If you're loving this challenge and pre-planned workouts as much as we are, then sign yourself up for the FFY HIIT Yoga Weekly Workout starting this July. Think HIIT Yoga workouts, tasty recipes and sweaty surprises delivered to your inbox 3 times a week. This is a membership that will set you up for success in your sweaty, strong, and healthy goals!

See y'all this week on the gram, and as always, stay sweaty!

Nicci Randall

Nicci Randall

All things yoga and Flex and Flow in Portland, OR! My life consists of teaching yoga, going on yoga dates, eating avocado toast whenever possible, biking around the beautiful city of Portland, and working / playing with all the amazing people that surround me!

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