Activewear that burns extra calories

Let's face it: great activewear can help take a so-so workout to excellent-status. When you have high-performing gear, and all of the right tools, you increase your odds of having a high-performing workout. And who doesn't love a great workout? There's a science behind activewear, meaning it matters what type of fabric you choose to workout in if you want to optimize performance.

Sportswear isn't just leading the global apparel industry. It's saving it. Last year, the clothing industry saw less than stellar growth (3.8% worldwide) according to research firm Euromonitor. Sportswear outpaced all other categories for the third year in a row, increasing almost 7% in 2016. Yep, those fab workout leggings you sport every day pack a powerful punch in the clothing econonmy.

But with so many new and creative fabric options - nylon, bamboo, polypropylene, Flexxon, spandex, Nulux™ and more - how do we choose the what to wear when we want to work out ... or maybe just hang out?

Choose a fabric that meets your needs. While cotton might feel soft and luxurious for everyday wear, especially when you splurge on joggers like these, it isn't always practical for working out. Cotton traps moisture, which makes the clothing heavier and takes a longer time to dry. Save cotton fabrics for your chic athleisure moments - not the gym. If you're looking for a soft cotton alternative, choose bamboo. Bamboo has natural moisture-wicking properties and uses one-third the amount of water to grow cotton, making it a sustainable option.

Spandex, which can stretch 600x its normal size and snap right back into shape, is a quintessential sportswear fabric.  Like bamboo, it's sweat-wicking - just avoid drying or ironing it as it can lose its shape. Polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, which is completely water-resistant, are other workout fabric staples. These quick-drying, durable fabrics should comprise most of your exercise essentials.

Flexxon Nylon and FlexxSupplex are new-to-me fabrics but 100%worth researching! These polyester-spandex blend fabrics combine the best of both worlds: durability meets flexibility. In fact, these fabrics, created by SweetFlexx, bring to life the newest trend in activewear.

Leggings that help you tone your tush and burn more calories. 

And this is where I geeked out: SweetFlexx is the first activewear line to actually make you burn extra calories. Your body does more just by wearing clothes - thanks to the resistance bands built into the front of these chic yoga-style pants. Each pair of leggings has 4 lbs of resistance in every step. So even when you aren't working out, your sportswear helps shape and tone your legs and booty.

Does it actually work? SweetFlexx showed real results in its 2015 study, which was approved by the Human Investigation Committee of Yale School of Medicine. Participants walked for 30 minutes with and without SweetFlexx. During this time, the John B Pierce Sports Lab observed that women burned 30-40 extra calories when SweetFlexx was worn.

Hello, count me in.

Did I mention the fabric is infused with crushed jade to lower your body temperature by up to 10 degrees? If you're ready to enjoy a cooler, more efficient workout, you can use code fitapproach10 for 10% off your SweetFlexx purchase.

In case you thought the sportswear market is slowing down, it's not. From Louis Vuitton to Walmart, brands are jumping on the Athleisure trend, which is really no longer a trend. Activewear is a staple and it's here to stay. 

Our favorite SweetFlexx designs.

Once you've selected activewear that meets your needs (and more - if you're choosing SweetFlexx), take proper care of it. Avoid using fabric softeners and hang-dry your technical wear (aka non-cotton items). If you can afford the time, make your stretchy pants stretch a little longer by handwashing them. Your closet will thank me.

Stay sweaty.

This post was brought to you by our Sweat Pink partner, SweetFlexxAs always, all opinions are our own. We're thankful for the brands that support the Sweat Pink Community. 

Courtney Ferris

Courtney Ferris

Courtney is a Facebook Advertising Consultant and ACE-certified group fitness instructor. When she's not busy working, she loves skiing, hiking, cycling, and traveling. Her blog is her creative space to share her love for health, wellness, travel, and adventure. If you're in Washington, DC, get in touch and join one of our Sweat Pink DMV events!

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