The secret to faster recovery

Annmarie with the shiny hair let us tag along on an awesome post-run stretching session yesterday in her home studio space! Plus, she let us in on her favorite recovery snack: Eggland’s Best Hard Cooked Eggs. So easy, and so delicious!

Sneak a peek at all the details, and you can still tune in and watch the video below.
Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama, a blog which focuses on allergy-friendly recipes for busy athletes, owns and operates a small fitness studio which aims at getting runners stronger so they can run faster and perform their best. She’s also a runner and athlete herself, AND a mom to two adorable girls!

How cute are they?!

As an athlete and a runner who also trains athletes and runners, Annmarie knows how truly important recovery is!

YAS, queen!

Check out one of her favorite stretch session routines:

Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: We are going to start first in the half kneeling position. Plant your lead foot in front – knee over ankle and tag your back toe into the ground. Knee tall with your shoulders down and back – keep hips square to front of the room then lean forward to give that hip flexor a good stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 2-3x.

Half Kneeling T Spine Rotation Stretch: Staying in the half kneeling position we are next going to go into a T Spine Stretch. Bring your hand next to your heel and reach the other hand toward the ceiling.  

Pigeon Pose: From there we are going to take the leg that is forward and sweep it behind the kneeling leg into Pigeon Pose.

Downward Dog: Kick your feet back out and assume the downward dog position so that your ears are in line with your biceps. Pike your hips back and drive your hands into the ground and peddle your heels to stretch out the hamstring and calf muscles.


Child’s Pose: From there go into the child’s pose to stretch out the lower back. Sit back on your heels and stretch your arms out in front of you while taking three breaths slowly in and out.

Fuel is one of the most important parts of training: fueling up AND post-sweat fuel.

One of Annmarie’s absolute favorite ways to refuel after a hard workout or run is with eggs, ideally with Eggland’s Best scrambled eggs. Eggland’s Best eggs are her favorite due to the protein & superior nutrition than ordinary eggs they have.

However, as a busy mom spending the time to heat the pan, whisk the eggs and tend to them while they cook all while getting the kiddos ready for school in the AM isn’t always the easiest.  

On days that she needs something on the go – say from her house to the studio or even just from the kitchen to her computer, Eggland’s Best Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs are her go-to.  As the name suggests, they are already peeled AND they come in cage free and organic options, plus they are affordable, and a huge time saver. Plus, they have the same great nutrition as EB shell eggs!

YES you can boil your own eggs but let’s face it – you never remember until you want them and then you have to wait way too long while being all sorts of rungry! 😉 We love Annmarie’s term for post run hungry – RUNGRY – we’ve all been there! 

Anywho, on top of being cooked perfectly and ultra convenient, Eggland’s Best Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs are also incredibly nutritious – compared to regular eggs they contain six times more vitamin D and 25% less saturated fat. In fact, they have been named a 2017 winner of SELF Health Foods, been deemed a Lunch Box Hero by Parents Magazine and one of twenty-four “Top Muscle Foods” by Men’s Health due to the fact that they provide “superior nutrition, quality, taste, freshness and variety”.

Top muscles means eating top muscles foods!

From someone who is a busy runner on the go and is egg OBSESSED I am super excited about being able to grab my favorite brand of eggs and take them with me to refuel and tame my runger. – Annmarie

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Ambassadors, Fitness, Food, Self-Care, Workouts, Yoga

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Ambassadors, Fitness, Food, Self-Care, Workouts, Yoga


  1. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson Post author

    These stretches are LUSCIOUS! Gimme all the tips for a quicker and better recovery!

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