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fit approach sweat pink
Photo: Alyse Mason Brill

Have something to say about healthy living? Have you had a fitness aha moment, or are you struggling with a challenge that you'd like some support and encouragement on? Or do you just want to rave about your favorite running route, or how much you love kale?

fit approach sweat pink
Photo: Victoria Davis

We'd love to feature your voice on Fit Approach! We welcome submissions from everyone in our community, whether you're a coach potato, a body builder, a blogger, a mom, a health nut, or some combination thereof!

There's two ways to get your voice heard:

  1. Register with Fit Approach here. You'll be able to draft a post in our WordPress account—just be sure to hit save! We'll contact you within two days of receiving your draft.
  2. Email us! We welcome queries and submissions by email, too.

Not ready to write, just yet? We understand. It can be scary putting yourself out there on the internet. 🙂

But you can still get involved, and join the conversation about health and fitness! Get chatty with us on Facebook or Twitter, or comment on some of our writers' posts. They love hearing from readers!





2 thoughts on Share your story

  • Hi I would love to submit a post to Fit Approach but am not sure how to do so. I clicked on the “Email us” link above and received an error 404. Can I submit my favourite blog post or does it have to be something I haven’t posted on my blog?

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