Getting back into a routine with SmartyPants #TheGoodGummy

I spent most of this summer on the road, away from home. From BlogFest to time at my parents' house to spending nearly a month in Lake Tahoe (a conscious dodge of the hellish temperatures in Austin), it was a perfect summer.

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Coming home has been such a joy, too: from reconnecting with new friends in Austin I hadn't seen all summer, to having much better access to coffee than I did in Tahoe, to settling back into a routine.

That routine part took a little shifting and adjusting to make happen: no one comes home from a long trip with a stocked fridge, clean laundry, or a plan for what they're going to cook for the rest of the week. The first couple weeks were a mishmash of too much takeout, out of town visitors, and haphazard grocery runs. More than once I found myself in the grocery store, wondering "what exactly do I need? What is it that I eat every day?"

I'd often come home with a lonely bag of random things: some salad toppings but no greens or substance. Yogurt with nothing to dress it up with. Tomatoes and mozzarella with no basil. My favorite potato chips and a Costco-sized package of blueberries.

Anyway. After a few disjointed grocery runs and a handful of nights staring at my fridge thinking, WTF can I make for dinner with greek olive mix, a head of cauliflower, and black beans, I think I'm getting through all that disorganized nonsense, and getting some routines in place for fall. A few things I've been doing to make this fall our healthiest yet, thanks to some routines I'm putting in place:

Habit stacking

I've been working on habit-stacking, or combining new, desired habits, with existing habits that I'm a pro at keeping. I'm adding new or inconsistent things like flossing, taking my vitamins, and packing my lunch, to do-or-die habits like making coffee and eating dinner. 

smartypants prenatal vitamins

On the vitamin front, I've been especially keen to be more consistent. I LOVE taking my vitamins because they are literally the perfect gummy candy: a nice balance of sweet and sour, but I've been wanting to space out my dosage better over the course of the day, rather than frontloading when I first wake up or pounding them all down before bed.

I think I've finally found something that works! I take two of my vitamins after every meal, and get all 6 of my recommended dose in small batches that feel like treats. SmartyPants vitamins are so deliciously candy-like that they totally banish my post-meal sweet treat cravings. Yes, ladies and gents, I've turned vitamins into dessert, and I'm never looking back. 

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Once the baby comes, and starts going to school, this is my plan for her, too. 🙂 Her lunches will come with handy little treats, AKA the vitamins she won't throw away even when the rest of her carefully sliced fruits and veggies disappear into the trash or get traded for fruit snacks or cheetos. 

Sneaking veggies in

Getting my husband to eat his vegetables is a daily chore. (In some ways, this may be the best prep for having kids?!). I've been adding spinach to smoothies, sprinkling kale on his pizzas, and, when there's no other option, just plunking a big salad down in front of him. If it's just sitting there, he'll usually eat it.

sweat pink smartypants vitamins

I reward him with vitamins - his favorite part of the meal.

sweat pink smartypants


No joke. I'm currently taking the prenatals, but when we run out of Adult vitamins (which happens all the time, because he loves them so much, he literally eats them like candy), I just share mine with him. They are also disappearing suspiciously quickly...

Adult Complte Life

Prep ahead of time

I know, duh. This one is so obvious, but it's one I've never been consistent with. But I've started using my habit stacking here, too. If I'm washing and prepping veggies for dinner, or boiling some eggs, I just do it en masse and save some for later. 

sliced veggies rainbow bell pepper

Every night, I've also started packing lunches while we're making dinner. That way I only have to clean up the kitchen once for two meals. WIN.

Pack snacks

I've been keeping snacks in my purse to save me from accidental, desperate queso eating when I'm out and about. Some favorites are sliced veggies that don't get gross after a little purse time, like carrots and snap peas, hemp heart bites, and apple slices with nut butter packets.




In celebration of fall routines, we have a super fun (and super yummy) giveaway, thanks to SmartyPants. We're giving away a bottle of Adult Complete and a bottle of Kids Complete so the whole family can eat candy stay healthy.

Pro tip: they are even more delicious when refrigerated. Just sayin'.
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A huge thanks to SmartyPants for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands that support Fit Approach and the #sweatpink community.


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