Sneaky ways to stay fit while shopping

Holiday shopping is among us! If you are someone who likes the hands on experience of shopping (opposed to online shopping), you may find yourself missing a few workouts for the sake of shopping. Have no fear! I have put together a few sneaky ways to help you fit in your workout while shopping.


Before you even get into the mall or store you can start working on your fitness. Choose a parking spot that is far away from the entrance so that you will have to walk a bit to a from your car. This will help you jumpstart my next tip…


Get your 10,000 steps in easily by power walking from store to store at the mall. Now, you don’t have knock people over as you go or look plain strange. But you can pick up the pace a bit as you head towards the next store or isle. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and if you spend one or two hours at the mall, doing this could easily add up to a brisk 30 minute walk.


I won’t suggest that you do squats or lunges in line (which you could if you don’t mind the side-eye of strangers). However calf raises are a subtle movement that really work. Each time you are waiting in line or standing around waiting, do some calf raises. Your calves will be banging in that Christmas party dress.


This next tip isn’t exercise related but it is very important. Staying fit isn’t just about exercise, it’s also about eating right. Having your own snacks on hand will keep you from running to the food court and making unhealthy choices. An occasional trip to the food is okay, but you don’t want to make a habit of it every time you go shopping this holiday season.


If you aren’t feeling these tips but also want to keep your fitness routine going, do a quick workout before you go. I am firm believer that doing a quick workout is better than blowing it off completely. Here is a quick 12 minute workout that you can do before you go shopping.

What are some sneaky ways you stay fit during the holiday or while shopping?

@ivannamariexoRecommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Personal life, Workouts

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Personal life, Workouts


  1. Alyse

    Love this, thank you Ivanna! I did some online shopping today and used your workout as a way to get away from my computer! 🙂

  2. De Bolton

    These are some great ideas and the workout looks quick and fun. There are so many ways to incorporate fitness in your life and these real life examples makes it simple! Love it and thanks for the tips

  3. Carleeh

    Girl!!! heck to the yessss. I love this quickie workout and the cute little icons! perfect for us visual learners and on the go girls! I saved it to my phone to keep and use again!

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