Sweat Pink Special Blogging eCourse Discount

Most of us Sweat Pink'ers love blogging! #Obvi! The links, the widgets, the "click to tweets," oh my! Have you been wondering about making the crossover from blogging as a hobby to creating a brand that will gain you a little extra moolah? Abby from Back at Square Zero to the rescue!

Abby is a social media, blog, and brand expert. She teaches eCourses on transforming your blog into a money making brand, and is offering a special session to the Sweat Pink community! Not only that, but she's giving us a $50 discount, making the 4-week course only $97 per person!

In four weeks, you'll learn about drafting email templates for brand outreach, creating media kits, and invoicing clients, to name just a few. Read more in detail about the course and sign up here!

See you on the web-o-sphere, sweaties! 🙂

Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson

I'm a Southern girl, born and bred. I grew up not only playing sports, but dancing, hiking, skiing, and canoeing. After college, I postponed grad school, completed my 220-hr yoga teacher training, and moved to a ski town in Colorado. In my years there, I discovered the "wow" factor life has to offer. Between the skiing/hiking/trail running in my backyard and the traveling in the off seasons, nearly every day contained something to marvel at. I'm now in the Pacific Northwest, still teaching, still exploring, indefinitely postponing law school, and pursuing a career in fitness-related social media management. I love sharing my journeys, discoveries, and marvels!

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