Vivaaaaaa Las Vegas! Take me back!

Can you guys believe it’s been a whole week since BlogFest?! How is time flying so fast? And how can we go back to last weekend in Vegas with our favorite sweaty people?!

Parts of the weekend resonated differently with everyone. Let’s take a look at the team’s favorite moments:


Each year for the past four years, I have left BlogFest feeling inspired, driven to new heights, and ready to tackle the world. And oh yeah, kind of exhausted too. From the countless opportunities to network and learn from my peers, to connecting with some of my favorite brands, to the amazing workouts, and speakers, it’s difficult to choose a favorite moment or pinpoint what I love most about it. But if I had to choose, I would say that for me, the best part of BlogFest this year was reuniting with so many old friends – like dancing the night away (and literally shutting down the party!) at the IDEAWorld opening party with NicoleEricaCarleehSarah and others, to laughter, hugs, and catch up at the BlogFest Happy Hour and in the halls during brand one on ones with DebbieEstherJillAlexisGenevieve, and Tasha, to silly #sweatpink photobooth shenanigans with just about everyone (like ahem, my new friends, Emily, and Lyn), and to connecting with new friends, like Jocelyn (who is just as #dogmomaf as I am), over a delicious granola breakfast (thanks General Mills). Thank you all for another incredible year! I love this Sweat Pink family SO much!


After 4 years of BlogFest, I can safely say I LOVE pretty much every moment of it. It’s a whirlwind of sweat, community, and all the swag, and it’s so fun to welcome newcomers and returning attendees alike. The chemistry in the room is always amazing – it feels like the kind of family reunion you actually want to go to – and I think because of that, the networking happy hour was my favorite part of BlogFest this year. Since it’s the last official event, I feel like I finally get to relax and just enjoy everyone’s company without worrying about whether we’re running on schedule or if the projector is working.  I had so much fun connecting and catching up with old and new friends, meeting Beth’s baby, and taking goofy #flexfriday pics in the TRX booth. I miss you all already!


When the #sweatpink community comes together, let’s just say, influencers and fitness enthusiasts alike…bring the noise! BlogFest 2017 was such a blast! From sweating together, photo boothing it up, learning from fitness superstars, and spending quality time with partners and bloggers: I loved the jam packed weekend and am hungry for more! Each year, I leave BlogFest feeling inspired and empowered by the #sweatpink community, and this year was no different! My favorite moment of BlogFest was definitely the dance party at the IDEAWorld party! Dancing the night away with my team, ambassadors, and IDEA attendees was crazy fun! Fitness instructors know how to bring the energy and funky dance moves, and I love it!


I always love our group sweat sessions! It’s a great way to get the body and mind moving after sitting in air conditioned sessions for a while, plus it’s always a fun way to experience new workouts and bond with our amazing #sweatpink fitfam! My favorite this year was the Strong by Zumba workout, led by Jeanette Jenkins. Zumba and dance workouts are always one of the highlights for us, and getting to experience this new non-dance workout was so much fun! It’s HITT style, high intensity tempo training. Music is still a huge part of it, featuring kickboxing moves (which I loved after weeks of not boxing) and all. the. squats. Seriously, couldn’t move without feeling my quads for days! And our crew was totally FIRE!


This year was my second BlogFest, and thus far I can attest that it gets better and better every year. This year I really felt the #sweatpink love. I loved watching old friends reunite and new friends bond in a way that I know it will be ever lasting, even if we don’t get to hang, sweat, and have fun together IRL on a regular basis. There’s nothing like sweating, laughing, and celebrating shared ideas around getting after it to really bind us in just a few short days. It’s hard to choose one moment that really shows how everyone came together, but all the hugs and selfies that happened when we adventured around Vegas and the IDEA World Expo, at the STRONG by Zumba workout, and at the BlogFest cocktail hour really made it all amazing!


My favorite part of BlogFest was meeting all of the incredible active women in our Sweat Pink Community during the final night’s Happy Hour. With brands like Great Lake’s Gelatin, the California Fig Board, and, my favorite, La Croix serving us delicious drinks and snacks, we enjoyed mixing and mingling after a successful conference. It’s fun to connect with such active and hardworking women online through our blogs and social media channels, but it was even more rewarding to meet in-person. Talking with Sarah, the Wyoming blogger behind The Fit Cookie, about her blogging and training experiences in a small town and listening to Amy, founder of Momentum Jewelry, enthusiastically describe her vision to inspire women through her activewear jewelry line inspired me to keep investing in my blog and workouts. It’s a motivational community, and I love every second of getting to know the faces behind the blogs. 

And we’re definitely not the only ones!

Thanks for such a great event, everyone! Hooray for BlogFest ’17!

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in BlogFest, Conferences, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in BlogFest, Conferences, Fitness


  1. Debbie

    Hopefully you know how I feel, but just in case I’ll say it again. I love all of you and the entire Blogfest Experience! How many day until San Diego 2018?

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