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We started the year on the right foot. Instead of setting lofty goals, we decided to come together and declare that we are limitless. And as Alyse said in her FB live session on Friday, this is a very lofty statement, but thanks to all of YOU, we’re finding the motivation to stay accountable, focused and sweaty – today, tomorrow, and the next.

Limitless is…

Our time is NOW. We are all taking advantage to build our best selves at every moment. Being our best selves and being “limitless” has come to mean so many things thanks to all of you sharing your strengths, struggles, and discoveries along the way.

In today’s #selfcarestory I want to open up about weird limiting beliefs. Do you have them? Not your typical ones… the weird ones. Like “I can’t sled on a frozen lake, because I’ll break it, because I’m so big” …but 25 other adults can run on it and be fine. But I’d break it. Or, I can’t be excited for my husband for doing a workout or a Whole30 unless I’m also doing it, because *obviously* he’s doing this AT me to send me a message. ITS WEIRD STUFF. And total nonsense. It’s putting bizarre limits on my own fun, my own excitement, my own body, and my own ability to enjoy myself in varied situations. This weekend I pushed the edge of that limit, that I can’t play on the sledding lake. It felt terrifying. To not only do it, but to starkly recognize what my fear was. And then… do it anyway. This is helping me to face other strange thoughts im holding. Like that I can’t have short hair because of my round face. Or I can’t do a video with a live trainer because they’ll think im a joke when they see my pace/numbers… confronting.them.all. However seemingly ridiculous they are. @gixofit @fitapproach #iamlimitless

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Limitless is knowing that most of the time you limit yourself with negative thoughts and expectations. Fill yourself with “I Can and I Will” and leave the negativity behind. That will free up the space you need to realize the possibilities.

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Limitless is saying “no” when you want to and saying yes to the things that really matter. Sometimes doing less is actually doing more for your well being!

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Limitless is loving yourself in this moment and not letting anyone’s ideas of what it means to be a runner, a yogi, or a fit queen take that away from you.

[#IAmLimitless] For so long now, I can admit that I allowed my expectations for my life and how things “should be” to limit me from achieving my personal best and truly living in my purpose. But no more. It isn’t about a new day on the calendar creating the opportunity for you to adjust your sails and create improvements in you world, it is about YOU.⠀ ___⠀ YOU have to remove those limits. YOU have to say goodbye to doubt. YOU have to say goodbye to excuses. YOU have to come up with a tangible plan to break through boundaries and find your awesome.⠀ ____⠀ So this month I challenge you to share your testimony, be transparent and tell me and my #SWEATPINK family why you are limitless sharing the hashtag #IAMLIMITLESS on your posts! Share people that inspire you, share your battle plan to conquering the the things that held you back, because I want to know what’s motivating you! @Gixofit @FitApproach #SweatPinkPartner Link in bio.

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Limitless means letting go of expectations. Goodbye doubt. Goodbye excuses. Goodbye limits!

#iamlimitless . . . is this one easy to believe..? not exactly, but we start to believe it with time. we start to put daily action in place and strengthen muscles – all of them. not just the ones we can see. and, the perceived limits start to lose their limit grounds. are you with me..? . . . so maybe you are still working towards that elusive pull up. maybe you want to take some seconds off that mile. maybe you just want to commit to healthy and happy. whatever it is, know that there are no limits when you whole heartedly commit to growth and change. . . . this month i have linked arms with @gixofit and @fitapproach for a little extra empowerment and the #iamlimitlessmovement —fresh perspective is always refreshing 💙 . . . so, who has been working on those pull up goals…? [i didn’t forget about them 😛]

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Limitless means changing your perspective and believing in yourself…

When I was first given “limitations” during this #pregnancy, I felt totally restricted. I felt dark, sad and at a loss. I let it get the best of me. I focused on the “can’t”…but with the help of @gixofit and my forever running and activity partner @abbiethevizsla, instead I feel like I CAN. And I know I WILL. #iamlimitless #sweatpink * * Thanks to @mrmedwin for pushing me up the hills today #gixofit and #abbiethevizsla my forever #wcw for keeping me moving. Completed 4 miles of hills and sprints on the trails today ✌️ #trailrun #trailrunning #trailrunners #traildog #flexandflowrunners #flexandflow #flexandflowpups #sweatpinkpups #workitwednesday #runnersofig #fitpregnancy #25weekspregnant #pregnantrunner #vizslasarethebest #vizslagram #vizslaoftheday

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Because you CAN and WILL achieve your goals.

Join the #IAmLimitless movement!

Find the motivation to move, sweat, and do what you’re passionate about. Join us in declaring #IAmLimitless every day! Every Wednesday and Friday through February 2, 2018, we’ll post a prompt on @FitApproach declaring how we’re defying the limits and crushing our goals.

Share what makes YOU limitless in 2018.  Download the printable version of the #IAmLimitless sign here. Make sure to tag #IAmLimitless #SweatPink @Gixofit @fitapproach (on Insta)!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Gixo. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all the brands that support the Sweat Pink community! 

Recommended2 recommendationsPublished in Fitness

Recommended2 recommendationsPublished in Fitness


  1. Nicci Randall
    Nicci Randall Post author

    This movement has really been a gamechanger for me – I’m learning so much from and inspired by everyone in this community. Can’t wait for more!!

  2. Jamie King
    Jamie King

    This movement has been so incredibly inspiring! I love seeing the community coming together like this!

  3. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson

    I am so loving how LIMITLESS this challenge and our community is making me feel and kicking 2018 off!

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