This Fit Momma learned to take care of herself

by Lee Klekotka

I am the one in the blue slinglet. This is me down by 50lbs.



As a mother of two children, one of which has autism, I never focused on myself. I mean never. Until this past Febuary I had not been to a doctor in nearly 10 years. I avoided doctors like the plague. Reason being I knew I was obese and so far from healthy it wasn't funny. In January and Febuary my health started to take a nose dive. I started having issues with my blood pressure. I started having dizzy spells, to the point I nearly fainted in Target with my children in tow. I realized I need to get my butt into the doctor. I needed to have tests run so I could see how bad things were. I needed to start putting some of my needs first so I could be around to take care of my children.

In late Febuary 2012, I finally went to the doctor. Reality hit me in the face when I got on the scale. I weighed a little over 260 lbs. The doctor ran a bunch of tests that concluded I was borderline diabetic and very close to being put on blood pressure medication. Right then and there I decided this is ENOUGH. I am taking my life back and I am getting healthy. I joined the Y and adopted a heathy diet. I started to workout 5 to 6 days a week.

Fast forward a bit to April 2012. In April I fell in love with running. I started to do 5ks like crazy. My total is 10 at this point. Through my races I met some people and joined a running club. This September I ran and completed my first half-marathon.

I went from 260+ lbs and because of my new healthy lifestyle I have lost a little over 50 lbs. I am close to breaking my under 200 lbs milestone. I love the way I feel. The thing I enjoy the most about my new life is that I get to share it. I love speaking to people about how I got to where I am now. I have started a blog about my journey @ My baby though is my facebook page @!/fitmomma2.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you on here. #SweatPink




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