Throw this away, now!

One of the most devastating pieces of advice I've ever received about my activewear collection was the shelf life on sports bras. Did you know they only last for one year? SOB.

I may or may not have some Champion sports bras from Target from, like, 12 years ago. That's just a little longer than 12 months. :/

Take a look at your bras: if they have stretched-out straps or band, it's time. Time to say goodbye. No matter how cute they are or what mountains you've climbed or races you've PRed together.

So, go, clean that drawer out, now. Do it for the girls.

And if you need to restock, here are some of our favorites for summer:

Handful bras! They're so feminine and silky soft. This is one of those times when the product actually lives up to its tagline: "Flatter not flatten"

This is the cheeky color. These run true to size! Pants by prAna, also super soft and comfy. #athleisureorpajamas?
  • This gorgeous mesh overlay bra will make your spin class feel even more like a dance party
  • The more well-endowed sweat pink sisters rave about Skirt Sports bras. I can't speak to that experience... but y'all know I'm a fan girl of everything Skirt Sports, and their bras are, no surprise, SUPER cute, and 40% off right now with the code SPRINGSWEAT40 

Now go, get to cleaning out that drawer, and tell me: what's the oldest bra you own?

How old is your oldest sports bra?

Alyse Mason

Alyse Mason

I love yoga, dance, and queso! I'm an aspiring aerialist and a perpetually newbie runner.

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