When it’s time to get away

I didn't really participate in the eclipse madness this Monday; I stepped outside and took a look at some crescent shaped shadows, but mostly I used the time when everyone was staring up at the sun to plow through my inbox. (Sure, I may have missed the event of a lifetime, but a small price to pay for inbox zero, amiright? :/)

What I did pay attention to, and took very much to heart, was that so much of the public response to the event fell along the lines of "We're so divided and uncertain right now; this was a time for us all to come together around a shared experience."

Brian Snyder/Reuters

It was a moment of solidarity and togetherness around something greater than ourselves; it was a chance to step away from the messy divisiveness that is crippling so much of our national discourse right now.

Moments like that are crucial to self-care and to making big, important changes happen.

Let's run away to Canada together

I mean this as sort of tongue-in-cheek, and sort of serious. There can be no turning away from urgent matters facing us all right now—if there's any doubt in your mind about that, go read this—but stepping back from it all can also be a chance to clarify your goals and plans, and to regain some much-needed perspective, and charge back into day-to-day life with renewed energy.

sweat pink empower retreat

So head for the border with us, but just for a weekend, and come home empowered to do more than you ever dreamed.

When it comes to renewal and self-care, there's just nothing like coming together with your community around shared experiences.

It doesn't take an eclipse: there are a million and one ways to make this happen, including running for the border. We think it sounds like a perfect retreat to move forward.

Join us in Vancouver for our next EMPOWER retreat, and meet up with old and new sweat-loving friends via a Sweat Pink Chapter meetup

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