It’s time to get sweaty and jolly!

At the end of 2016, John Oliver promised us a better year for 2017. After an interesting (that’s the word we’ll use) year, we’re more motivated than ever to make this holiday season as happy and healthy as possible!

We’ll be celebrating with, you guessed it, tons of sweat. This year’s SweatFest will include three weekly events featuring workouts, recipes, fashion, travel, and of course, discounts and prizes along the way!

Stay tuned for the release of our full schedule, and join in on the #SweatFest hashtag action! Check out what you have to look forward to:

Beat the Fluff!

For those of us that love to take our sweat outside, winter time can be challenging. How can you feel motivated to workout, let alone actually move, when it’s a Ralphie Parker situation for getting dressed?!

Plus, with the holidays full of food, drink, travel, family, and irregular schedules, sweat time can often get shoved off to the side. But it shouldn’t! It should be one of the most important parts of your holiday schedule. To keep healthy, and keep sane.

Join Ivanna from Ivanna Marie, Gixo, Nic from HIIT & Flow and Joules Athletics, Kasey from Powercakes, and Lunden from Life Like Lunden and Runtastic for some awesome (and sweaty!) dates.

Healthy and indulgent!

One of the easiest things to do during the holidays is indulge! Eating and drinking healthy is never more challenging, with parties full of hors d’oeuvres, dinners with ah-mazing spreads, wine constantly flowing, and presents of sweets and snacks.

I truly believe you can have both! You can indulge in your holiday favorites while maintaining a largely healthy diet and habits.

Join Heather from The 30 Clean, Autumn from A Whole Story, and more to talk about healthy holiday habits! Plus, we’ll have some special guests taking us through some healthy holiday recipes and their favorite table decorating tips!

That OG PDX carpet, tho!

Stay stress-free!

I grew up always traveling for the holidays. Actually, I’ve never had a Christmas at home. So I understand firsthand how stressful traveling at the holidays can be. Delays, cancelled flights, lost baggage. Weather. Crowds. It’s a stressful situation when everyone should be, well, jolly!

One of my favorite ways to de-stress while traveling is yoga! Yup, I’m that person that sits on the ground at my gate and stretches it out. I may get some awkward looks, but I can guarantee that I arrive feeling less stiff and happier than everyone else.

Stacey of @staceybeatty84 is going to rock out her go-to stretches and yoga poses for travelers. So get ready to spread out at your gate, get some alone time at your in-laws’, escape the kitchen to find your zen.

Happy baby, happy…everyone!

Talk about stressful travel, I can’t imagine how babies and children handle it! Imagine all of that frustration we talked about, but without being able to understand what’s going on. Keeping a baby happy is NOT easy, but a happier baby makes for a happier mom (and dad) and fellow passengers!

Join Brittany Suell with RXBAR, Lindsay Ingalls of Running with Tongs, Daisy of Fit Wanderlust Runner, and Beth of Sublimely Fit for their go-to traveling with baby tips and tricks and goodies.

You don’t have nothing to wear!

Layers, spandex, dressy outfits. Packing for the holidays can be difficult and stressful. Make just one more thing this holiday season easier on yourself.

Alyse is currently obsessed with the capsule wardrobe trend. As a business owner and a mom headed into the holidays, she’s got the inside scoop to this detail that can take some of those hard-to-make decisions out of the way (like what do you give your second cousin you haven’t seen in 2 years??! Well actually, here are some ideas for ya.).  And she’s putting together THE holiday capsule wardrobe that you don’t want to leave home without!

And more!

What else is there, you might ask? Tune in and find out! (Spoiler: we might talk goal setting and also be seeing Ashley of A Lady Goes West, Kusum of Sveetekapes, and Brooke of Breathe Brooke!)

Join the #SweatFest movement and make these holidays the healthiest and most fun yet!

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Ambassadors, Events, Fitness, Food, Recipes, Self-Care, Workouts, Yoga

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Ambassadors, Events, Fitness, Food, Recipes, Self-Care, Workouts, Yoga


  1. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson Post author

    I’m so excited for SweatFest! I love the holidays, and getting ready for them #sweatpink-style is the best!

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