How Running Changed My Life!

My Aha moment happened on March 12, 2012, but let me rewind a couple years first. Near the end of 2008 I participated in a health fair at work. It included blood pressure check, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. When I got my results, my heart sank. My blood pressure and sugar was in [...]

 How to Move to a New State and Not Feel Alone

Just about everyone moves at least once in a lifetime, and many of us move multiple times. While a move and typically accompanying job change in themselves can be stressful, they can be nothing compared to the loneliness experienced by many when moving to an entirely new area. Hiring the best movers in NYC helps, [...]

Aha Moment

My aha moment came rather recently. It was odd that it took me so long to have it, considering how active I have been for most of my life, but better late than never, right? I have always been a bit hit or miss when it came to my health and fitness - one month [...]

A life forever changed

I have always been an active person, so when I got pregnant with my daughter and put on almost 75 pounds I didn't know what to do. After about 4-5 months when I couldn't lose the weight, I knew I had to make a change. I became a beachbody coach and worked out everyday. A [...]

It was time to do what I love

I have always been a "tom boy" and big on sports. Throughout middle school and high school I was part of the Spring/Winter Track and Field. Then in high school I had heard about this new sport called Lacrosse. There really wasn't a team at the school, but it was more so a club sport. [...]

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