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By Liz Wilson

Like you needed another excuse to run today….. Did you know that it’s Global Running Day? Well, you do now. If you’re planning on celebratin…

By Alyse Mason

Oh hi there! Happy Monday! Notice anything … different about us today? Take a look around. We’ll wait. No, it’s not a new sports bra. Thes…

By Becky Stifter

Who runs the motha f***ing world? via GIPHY International’s Women’s Day is 108 years old (Fortune). Don’t be fooled. This day of empowerment…

By Becky Stifter

I express my love for others through gifts. Gift giving is my love language. The holidays are my favorite time of year! A package on my best…

By Bridgit Norris

I teach women to love their bodies and find beauty in their strength. My passion is to help women live their best life. Teaching you to embr…

By Nicci Randall

I can’t believe it’s almost been a full year of sweating pink at the Fit Approach yoga studio, Flex & Flow. I think we can all agree tha…

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