Stay Hydrated – It’s Good for You!

Staying hydrated has always been a challenge for me. I’m super active and like to be outside in the sun as much as physically possible but I get tired of drinking water all day every day. I know to stay away from soda, it gives me all the tummy problems, and I know that it’s [...]

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Time to get our #WeirdWorkout on!

Some insightful person once said, "weird is a side effect of awesome." Considering our current team is based in Portland, OR, and Austin, TX, weirdness hubs of the country, we totally agree! How boring would life be without some weirdness?! There would be no #stopdropandyoga for fear of "is she crazy?" looks from passers-by, there would be no [...]

It was time to do what I love

I have always been a "tom boy" and big on sports. Throughout middle school and high school I was part of the Spring/Winter Track and Field. Then in high school I had heard about this new sport called Lacrosse. There really wasn't a team at the school, but it was more so a club sport. [...]

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I Am Blessed

October of 2009, you would have found MFH (My Favorite Husband) and myself packing up our belongings and making the move from our long time home in Colorado to our new home in Mississippi.  This was a big deal move for us!  Granted we had lived all over the country in our (now 31 yrs) [...]

Be a Unicorn and #SweatPink!

You've heard the rumors, you've seen the pictures, and now they're here for you! At BlogFest this year, we debuted three new Sweat Pink tanks. These tanks are now available on our online store! [Tweet "I can't wait to rock one of the new #sweatpink tanks from @fitapproach! #sweatpinktank "] Let's start with the signature [...]

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