Running, My other true love

Many of my readers and people who know me, know that running is a huge part of how I identify myself.  I am known in the group of people I hang out with as "the runner".  This past year, running and I took a bit of a break from each other.  I still ran every [...]

New At-Home Fitness and Cooking Inspiration: GROKKER!

Let's be honest. It's easy for routine to become a rut. I'm not exactly Giada De Laurentiis in the kitchen (though I'm told I look a lot like her!). So when I find a new recipe that's quick, easy, healthy, and yummy, I'll use it over and over and over. Until I get sick of [...]

BlogFest Recap!

In case you didn't know, BlogFest is a smaller, blogger-centric part of the larger IDEAWorld conference. IDEAWorld is the world's largest fitness convention, with over 12,000 attendees and 230 presenters! As members of BlogFest, we got to interact with IDEAWorld attendees and partake in the opening ceremony, the urban dance party, the expo hall, and [...]

A Healthy U Mini | My First Zumba Class

Recently, I participated in my first Zumba class; A Healthy U Mini hosted by fitness bloggers Kimberly Brown of Manifest Yourself, Losing in The City's Cassandre Charles and Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo from Brooklyn Active Mama. These women are also the co-founders and hosts of the A Healthy U Conference which is held every year and focuses [...]

Spin Class Workout

I don’t workout. I can’t say that I’ve entirely “let go,” but for the past three years I’ve gone up a pant size or two..maybe three. Lol. It’s a weird feeling after consistently being the same size for years, but cross out weekly dancing, running up and down the stairs 3-4 times a week at work to having a desk job, squeeze in a breakup, add a dash of stress, mix in bad eating habits and bring on the extra pounds. Since I noticed my jeans were getting smaller, I’ve taken up swimming and attended a free dance class here and there. I even tried yoga, Wii fit and pole, but still don’t have a consistent workout regimen. It has become tougher to follow as I’ve gotten older, but I think it is better to make the necessary changes now rather than later… […]