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By Katelyn O'Neill

Many of my readers and people who know me, know that running is a huge part of how I identify myself.  I am known in the group of people I h…

By Liz Wilson

Let’s be honest. It’s easy for routine to become a rut. I’m not exactly Giada De Laurentiis in the kitchen (though I’m told I look a lot lik…

By Liz Wilson

In case you didn’t know, BlogFest is a smaller, blogger-centric part of the larger IDEAWorld conference. IDEAWorld is the world’s largest fi…

By Joanna Niles

Recently, I participated in my first Zumba class; A Healthy U Mini hosted by fitness bloggers Kimberly Brown of Manifest Yourself, Losing in…

By Joanna Niles

I don’t workout. I can’t say that I’ve entirely “let go,” but for the past three years I’ve gone up a pant size or two..maybe three. Lol. It…

By Joanna Niles

I had the chance to go to a group pole instruction this weekend and absolutely loved it. My girlfriends and I trekked over to Harlem to stop…

sweat pink fit approach

By Ali Gaylord

After finishing the Chicago Marathon last year I’ve been lacking a spark in my running.   I typically run by myself since it is much easier…

By Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

One of the most popular topics I’ve written about on my healthy-living blog A Lady Goes West, is teaching Les Mills group fitness programs….

By food4thoughtnyc

Let me begin with an admission: I have never gone to a spinning class. I’ll take it one step further and say that I don’t get on any bikes a…

By Becky Stifter

Yesterday evening I tried out SoulCycle for the first time! Whew, what an amazing workout! My whole entire body was burning and I came out o…

By Jamie King

Jamie has a confession and tries the new SoulCycle in Marin, CA.

By Ashlee Zinn

I put a blog post up in the beginning of April about this, but I wanted to share it here too. I recently ventured out of my comfort zone and…

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