Rollin’ into the Week on Monday!

Happy Monday, sweaty friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Sometimes it's so hard to get out of bed on a Monday morning. What got you rolling out of bed this morning? It's #MotivationMonday! What strength and flexibility goals are you working towards? Did you know foam rolling before a workout can make your muscles [...]

BeFit All Year Long!

Here we are two months into 2016 and are you still keeping with your New Year's Resolutions to stay fit? I know I am and with the help of the BeFit Campaign that Fit Approach has been involved with; it couldn't be easier. If you haven't checked out the BeFit website, I highly recommend you [...]

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Move for you

Grateful. Thankful. Blessed. It is crazy to think that 2 months ago, I started my blog as a place where I could document all of the wonderful new experiences I was having since beginning of what I thought was a “health” journey.  I swam, biked and ran through my first triathlon and was so inspired by [...]

Leg Day Workout #2

  CIRCUIT #1  12 Barbell Squats 12 (each leg) Curtsy Lunges w/DBs or Barbell 30 Mountain Climbers Complete this circuit 3x - Rest 1 min between circuits CIRCUIT #2 20 Plié Squats w/DB 10 (each leg) Lateral Lunges w/Barbell 15 Jump Squat Complete this circuit 3x - Rest 1 min between circuits CIRCUIT #3  12 Romanian Deadlift [...]

Weight loss success story

There is only one way to achieve a healthy body and that is hard work.  I didn't have a health scare and learned how and what to eat on my own.  I have always been disciplined in work and now with my own health.  I think people are surprised including myself that it took me [...]