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By Gracie Gregory

Hi! I’m Gracie Gregory, a student and superfan of Flex & Flow HIIT Yoga. My boyfriend jokes that I should wear a sandwich board for the…

By Alyse Mason

Our glutes don’t just help us look good in jeans or our favorite bikini. Strong glutes—that is, the glute maximum, glute medius, and glute m…

By Liz Wilson

So here’s a big yoga secret I share with my students: it’s all about the core. When you see yogis pressing into headstand, playing with vari…

By Nicci Randall

Happy day after 4th of July! Are you ready to get after it? If you’re like us, you might be dragging a little after a lot of time in the sun…

By Sarah Gaines

A little over a year ago, I started training to be an instructor at Cyc Fitness in Boston, MA; or as I’m now so cleverly called, a “Cycologi…

By Liz Wilson

There are all kinds of reasons to feel festive this week! Are you celebrating Mardi Gras this week? Join in on the sweaty celebration with u…

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