I Am Blessed

October of 2009, you would have found MFH (My Favorite Husband) and myself packing up our belongings and making the move from our long time home in Colorado to our new home in Mississippi.  This was a big deal move for us!  Granted we had lived all over the country in our (now 31 yrs) [...]

Losing 95lbs and Finding Myself!

Like many people, I had several moments leading up to my "aha moment" that should have opened my eyes. There was the time that the dress for my sister-in-law's wedding, that I was fitted for mere days after having my youngest daughter, barely zipped, or seeing the pictures from that wedding in which I was [...]

We are not quitters.

I wasn't athletic growing up. I played one season of rookie league baseball, when I was I believe 10 years old, and hated every minute.  I wanted to quit a few games into the season, but my dear mother said "we are not quitters" and made me finish what I started. I am forever grateful [...]

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From Hating to Sweat…To LOVING The Burn!

I love telling my successful and ongoing journey/story; because I was the one who started out HATING exercise. Anything that even remotely made me sweat made me cringe, cry like a baby, and hide under the covers. Exercise scared me, and I never wanted to do it. I felt gross, huge, and silly, because I [...]

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I Became My Own Bully

Growing up wasn't easy for me.  I was teased endlessly about my weight.  I was labeled as "fat" and "ugly," and I was told every single day.  I fought those opinions as hard as I could, but by high school, I believed them.  For years, I've had the voice of the person that told me [...]