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By Liz Wilson

Like you needed another excuse to run today….. Did you know that it’s Global Running Day? Well, you do now. If you’re planning on celebratin…

By Nicci Randall

It’s a beautiful day because we’re celebrating Liz Wilson all day long! It’s our girl’s birthday, so let’s give her the biggest, sweatiest,…

By Liz Wilson

It’s our very own Becky’s birthday today! Not only is she an amazing and irreplaceable part of our Sweat Pink team, she’s also a future lawy…

By Jessica Lin

The name ‘Runtastic’ is pretty terrifying to me. I am in no way a runner, it physically hurts me, well at least that’s what I’ve been tellin…

By Liz Wilson

Happy National Yoga Month, sweaties! How amazing is it that there’s an entire month devoted to one of our favorite activities?! [Tweet “Yay…

By Becky Stifter

  With almost two weeks of law school under my belt, let’s just say that three actions are essential for success: sparkle, sweat, hydra…

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