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By Liz Wilson

Like you needed another excuse to run today….. Did you know that it’s Global Running Day? Well, you do now. If you’re planning on celebratin…

sweat pink i am empowered

By Alyse Mason

You know when you read something on the internet, just randomly, and a post speaks to you like the author was INSIDE YOUR BRAIN and had figu…

By Sarah Gaines

A little over a year ago, I started training to be an instructor at Cyc Fitness in Boston, MA; or as I’m now so cleverly called, a “Cycologi…

By Liz Wilson

What better way to kick off your week than with hot tots and a runny egg yolk? Well, there’s some debate on runny eggs or not, but we can al…

By Liz Wilson

The countdown is over, the final #ThursdayTakeover of the Hedstrom Fitness Instagram page is here! [Tweet “It’s the LAST @hedstromfitness #T…

By Rachel Barry

When my husband started working out at our local CrossFit box I was happy because he was happy to be working out. After looking at the cost…

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