What’s on your plate?

Remember when What I Ate Wednesday posts became a thing, many years back in the early days of blogging?

Even though they’ve been around for a long time, they feel suddenly relevant again, especially as the social media pendulum swings between highly curated (oh Instagram, with your precious grids) and the highly spontaneous (hooray for stories!). Now, What I Ate Wednesdays feel like an extra way to peek behind the curtain of our aspirational selves—the ones who share perfectly lit, super healthy meals on Instagram—to see what happens in real life, when we may not have the right lighting or accessories to frame our shot, or the time to craft a picture-perfect meal. 

It gives us a chance to see what others do—to find genius new smoothie hacks, easy snacks, or inspired dinner combinations—and also remind us that, on any given Wednesday, we’re all making the best of what we have to work with that day, based on what time we have available, what’s in our fridge, and how much hunger we’ll drum up thanks to work, working out, and everything else.

That’s why I’m pumped about our WIAW event next week—the whole community will be participating, and as a bonus to help support your snack or supplement habits, we’ve got a cash prize happening thanks to our partner, Great Lakes Gelatin.

what I ate wednesdayHere’s what you need to know: 

  • Jump in and share your What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) posts on February 28 and/or March 7, and tag @greatlakesgelatin #LifeWithGLG #sweatpink to be eligible to win a $100 cash prize.
  • Don’t have any collagen / gelatin yet? That’s ok. You don’t need it to participate; just use the tags. And you’ll also have a chance to win product, thanks to SPA giveaways—keep an eye on those tags on IG to find out how to win.

Can’t wait to see your plate, cup, and fistful of snacks on Wednesday! 🙂

Oh, and: save 20% on GreatLakesGelatin.com with WIAW20off until March 31. 

This What I Ate Wednesday is brought to you in partnership with Great Lakes Gelatin. We so appreciate your support of the brands who support the Sweat Pink community!

Recommended1 recommendationPublished in Events

Recommended1 recommendationPublished in Events


  1. Nicci

    YUM! I’m so excited to try all of these new recipes!

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason Post author

      Yay for new recipes – I love discovering new ways to get out of my rut! 🙂

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