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If you follow me on the internet or in real life at all, you probably know that I’m not a runner.

I’ve done the Couch to 5K program not once, but TWICE. Both times, I graduated, but never maintained, much less progressed beyond, that 5K goal.

I’ve technically completed one half marathon, but I don’t think it counts because I was looking for a bailout brunch spot the entire time I was on the course.

But, as I’ve been super transparent about, finding my way back to fitness and to myself post-baby has been, well, a work in progress. And that’s putting it kindly.

So when my fellow mama friend here in Austin suggested we do a run group, I said yes. Mostly because I know exercise is crucial to my sanity and fitting yoga or dance classes in on a regular basis has been, well, a work in progress.

So, all that to say, I’m SO PUMPED to share that I ran 8.1 miles this last weekend. By far the farthest I’ve ever run. That statement has been true about every single day I join run group, actually: I started out with 4.8 on my first ‘long run’ day, then progressed from there.

It is crazy to me how much just running with other people changes the experience. Running alone, I get a mile or two in and I want to quit or die or both. I find myself checking my distance and time obsessively in an “am I done yet” kind of way. Being distracted and pushed by others is just what I need to make this running thing viable.

What’s ridiculous is that I knew that finding a buddy was a tried and true way to get it done.  I mean, that’s the stock answer for just about any “how do I commit to an exercise program” question you run into in the fitness world. I had no clue, though, just how much that would be true for me with running. In the past, I avoided finding buddies because I was too slow, too embarrassed, too “meh” on running in general to put any real energy into making it a more rewarding experience.

Just goes to show, the activities or areas you like to avoid are those that could most benefit from planning, forethought, or extra attention.  So thank you, Dasha, for getting me to sign up, and thank you, Rogue Running, for giving me a community that pushed me beyond that 5K wall.

I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Oh wait, I actually know: I’ll be running with my team in August. Will you be there, too?

Here’s another Couch to 5K story, and a running-made-fun story, too. 

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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Personal life

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Personal life


  1. Jamie King

    Wow, alyse, I’m amazed. After all these years of trying to convince you hahah and now you’re running. Awesome.

  2. Nicci Randall

    GET IT! I totally feel you…I attribute running longer distances and even trailing running (LOVE) to the Flex & Flow runners. Good luck!

  3. Sara Giboney

    I’ve always been more of a solo runner. The only person I’ve ever run with his my fiancé, but I went running with a girlfriend (for the first time ever) yesterday. It pushed me out of my comfort zone a lot, we got to catch up and it was fun.

    Good luck with your running, Alyse! Way to go on 8.1!!!

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