Why Run?

Hi guys, I'm Lindsey and this is my first post as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  I'm really excited about being a part of this community and sharing some of my (mostly awkward) experiences with you!

When I was little we used to do the "Super Mighty Dolphin Run."  Dolphins have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember and if there was a way to get me running there was no better way than running a dolphin race.  Sometimes I would run the mile with my dad and sometimes with my mom.  It was always a fun day, but I would always tell my dad that one day I would run the 5k with him.  In my mind this was the ultimate goal.

As the years went by my dad and I continued to run together.  I don't remember when it happened, but eventually I did run my 5k.  After that I ran many more 5ks.  With the exception of cross country races in high school I had never done a race without my dad being there (and he was often on the side lines cheering me on).  Even when I was in college we only lived an hour apart so we could still run together.  It was our thing.

Then my parents moved 8 hours away.  It was weird, but this is when I truly learned the meaning of running for myself.  It wasn't because it was a daddy daughter bonding time, it was my time.  Eventually I got to the point where I was ok with signing up for solo races, but to this day I still look forward to my good luck text from my dad and call him after the race to give him a full recap.  Once I began running for myself I realized that I could run longer and further than I ever thought I could.  I ran some of the best races of my life that year, including my first half marathon.  In April I will be running my fifth.  Who would have thought this girl would be rocking the 13.1 distance?

My favorite runs are still the ones with my dad, but I've found through the years that running has defined me in so many ways.  On good runs I feel strong, beautiful, and excited.  After a rough run I feel proud.  There has never been a run that I haven't felt better after than when I started.  Race Days are kind of like Christmas to me and have I mentioned how much the running community rocks?  I've never been to a race where I didn't have a great conversation with a fellow runner at some point and have gotten and given more sweaty high fives than I can count.

Along with my love of running comes a coffee (and chocolate....and peanut butter...) addiction and a corgi obsession.  I have a dog named Maddux (a corgi mix) and the best part of my day is coming home to him and going on a long walk.  I'm really close to my family and love going to a good Pirates game.

I'd love to get to know YOU.  Stop by my blog and leave me a message.  Let's be friends.

Happy running!

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