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This week kicks off the Gixo 5K / 10K Race Training Program—a free training program that will get you ready for a 5K or 10K in just six weeks, or, if you’ve already tackled those distances, will help you achieve a new PR.

The Sweat Pink community is jumping in to participate in the training program and the 5K / 10K race on May 5 (cinco de sweat, anyone?), and like anytime we start a new training program, we’re getting all inspired by just what inspires us to run and train in the first place. Remembering why we run is such an important part of the mental game: so that even at the beginning of something new, when everything feels hard and our bodies ache, we keep our eye on the prizes that consistency and persistence bring our way.

Here are some of our favorite reasons we run: 

“I run because the woman I was before I started running deserved to be much happier … She deserved to be healthy, she deserved to be happy, she deserved to feel strong and she deserved so much better then she allowed.” – Bonnie, Zombie Running Princess


“Running is something for ME. Now that I’m a mom, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to do something just for myself. Running is one of those things and it reminds me that despite all the changes that have happened to me the past few years, I’M STILL ME.” – Melissa, I Crashed the Web


“I’m becoming the person I was meant to be, not the person I was told I was. In the process, I hope I’m showing my children, especially my daughter, that you can do anything – that you are who you want to be, not who other people say you are. And that no one can tell you what you *can’t* do.” – Christine, Run out of the Box

These quotes never fail to light a fire under me to get out and log some miles, or work up a sweat. What’s your WHY?

Join us for the Gixo 5K or 10K on May 5, and the free training program starting now. We’ll be sharing our progress with the tags #sweatpink @GixoFit #Gixo5K #Gixo10K #IAmLimitless. We can’t wait to train together!


Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Events, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Events, Fitness


  1. Farrah

    Gixo is legit the only thing that’s convinced me to start running again after an 8(…) year hiatus from running, hahaha. I can’t wait to check out their training program! :]

  2. Jamie King
    Jamie King

    I LOVE the Gixo training program and am so EXCITED about this virtual race with all my fave Sweat Pinkers!

  3. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson

    I’m so excited about this training program and getting to race with pretty much EVERYBODY since it’s a virtual race and we can ALL tune in!

  4. Katrina Pilkington
    Katrina Pilkington

    I have begun to enjoy running now by taking the racing out of the picture and bringing my dog into the picture. He keeps me focused on the time together and enjoyment and not the numbers and icky things.

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