Personal Trainer Food Facebook Live Review

Personal Trainer Food Facebook Live Review

To kick off the New Year on a healthy step, Personal Trainer Food is looking for 25 influencers who have been on or are currently on a weight loss journey (or have clients on this journey) to try out their food delivery service for 14 days.   Deliverables: Try out Personal Trainer Food for 14 days and share your initial and concluding opinions via 2 Facebook Live sessions.

  • Facebook Live Session #1: Unboxing your Personal Trainer Food – due week of December 26-29
  • Facebook Live Session #2: Due by January 16, 2018 (suggested themes below)

You are also welcome and encouraged to share on Instagram Stories and other social media platforms throughout the week.   To be eligible for this campaign, you must also fill out the required shipping information and sign a talent release form, please find here (once you have filled out the talent release form, please send a copy to   Suggested themes:

  • Initial reaction upon unboxing
  • How the food looks
  • How the food tastes
  • Convenience factor of food delivery and meal program
  • Any contrasting / comparing experiences with other similar programs
  • Box to plate –  how you plated your delivered meal
  • How you feel after two weeks of PTF? Energetically, weight loss results, etc.

More about Personal Trainer Food: See here.   Shipping notes: Personal Trainer Food will require your first and last name, residential address, a valid phone number and valid email address. They ship FedEx home delivery and the food will generally arrive within 1-3 days depending on your location. Since the food will be arriving all at one time, it will require a good amount of freezer space. If storage is an issue, you can store the meat and breakfast items in the fridge for up to 14 days, however you’ll want to keep all vegetables in the freezer. Everything will be packed in individual BPA free FDA approved steamer bags for your convenience.   Tracking: If you will be promoting Personal Trainer Food on a website / blog, they will provide you with a UTM link so we can track traffic to our site. In addition to this, or for social sharing they can also issue a dedicated discount code to track orders placed from your following. When linking to their website in a post, please try to link to words such as ‘weight loss’, ‘meal delivery’ or Personal Trainer Food.   Link to high res photos: to video for reference ( this can be used to give influencers better insight to what we do):